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Burn Surgery


Burn injuries account in the USA for over 100,000 hospital admissions per year. With the opening of many specialized plastic surgery burn centers for acute burn injuries, death rates from severe burns have dropped significantly. Survivors, however, are often left, with functional impairment and grotesque distortion of appearance.

Particularly is located in the head and neck regions. Functional impairment in the head and neck region results in drooling, neck contracture, corneal exposure, nasal airway blockage, lip incompetence, inability to make facial expressions, etc. As a specialist in reconstruction and burn rehabilitation, the plastic surgeon is an integral part of the burn team. Scarring, whether it's normal or hypertrophic, contractures, loss of functional body parts, and change in the color and texture of burned skin are processes common to all burned patients that have the potential to be reconstructed.

A realistic approach, however, is necessary to harmonize patients' expectations (which are often very high) with the likely outcomes of reconstructive surgery. Burn reconstruction starts when a patient is admitted with acute burns and lasts until the patient's expectations have been reached or there is nothing else to offer. However, even when this time has come, the patient-surgeon relationship may still continue and can last a lifetime.

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