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Otoplasty procedure

The process:

The ear plastic surgery will take about one to two hours. After the area of the ear is numbed, the skin behind the ear is cut. Thus, the remaining scar will not be visible even when the hair is gathered together. The cartilage is released, folded in the correct position and fixed with sutures. If needed the concha is also fixed with sutures and the plastic surgery is completed by removing small amount of skin and closing it.  At the end of the otoplasty you will be asked to check along with your plastic surgeon the results. So it is possible to see the result and eventually correct any asymmetries.

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The recovery:

After the end of the surgery, a special bandage will be placed over both ears. Special analgesics will be administered to reduce the pain following the operation. If needed antibiotics will also be given to prevent an infection.

You will need to wear the special bandage, for the first 3-4 days during the whole day (24 hours) and for the next four weeks only during sleep. This will protect you from any injury to the ear region.You will be able to shower the following day. The first few days you will have some pain but this can be controlled easily with pain killers. 

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Recovery is very fast and in most cases, you will be able to return to your daily activities within few days.You will see the result shortly after the procedure. However, you can see a better shape of the ear after about 4-6 weeks, when the swelling will completely dissolve. 

Your plastic surgeon will follow you up regularly to make sure you will have a smooth recovery.The final result should be expected in six to twelve months.

The total cost of the Otoplasty in Cyprus under local anesthesia in the office is between 1400-1500 euros.


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