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Breast Augmentation | Breast implants

"Breast augmentation, is one of the most common procedures performed in our clinic. Dr Georgiou has a special interest in Breast surgery. During his training he performed many Breast reconstructions with implants. He also visited many prominent Breast Surgeons (e.g. Dr. Per Heden, Sweden) and visits regularly congresses dedicated to breast aesthetic surgery. Thus he is able to achieve very natural results." 

Everything you need to know about breast implants:

Breast augmentation is one of most common plastic surgery procedures performed in Cyprus. The most important reason for a woman to undergo augmentation is the small size of the breast with insufficient volume. Women with small breasts may have doubts about their femininity, leading sometimes to a lack of confidence and self-esteem. It is amazing how the behavior of a woman changes after surgery, both with the environment and the relationship with her partner.

What are Breast implants?

The enlargement is achieved by using the so-called silicone breast implants. These are implants that look like a small pillow and consist of silicone. There are many variations regarding type, outer surface and size of the implants, available in Cyprus. 

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Round Implants                    Anatomical Implants

The two main shapes are anatomical or tear drop implants (they look like a tear because the main volume is in the lower portion) and round implants. Choosing the right shape and size is based on the breast shape and the expectations of each woman. The plastic surgeon will need to measure and tell you about the most suitable size.

Breast implants are extremely resistant to strong pressure, it is proven that they are not responsible for breast cancer and they do not affect the result of mammography.

Where are the incisions?

The two most common incisions are:

The sub mammary (the fold under the breast). This technique provides very good visibility of the surgical field, which means less chance of complications, while the incisions are not visible as they are covered by the bra.

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Sub mammary               Periareolar

The periareolar, a border-line incision along the border of the areola (the dark skin around the nipple) and the normal pale skin of the breast. For this technique, the diameter of the areola must be at least 4 centimeters.

Where to place the implants?

The placement can be either between the gland and the underlying muscle or between the underlying muscle and the chest wall. Briefly, above or below the muscle. The placement depends on the size of the breast and the thickness of the skin and this can be decided only after a detailed examination from the plastic surgeon.

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The advantages of the placement over the muscle are: less postoperative pain and faster recovery but there is a greater risk for capsular contracture (see explanation below). On the contrary, the risk for capsular contracture is reduced when placing the implant under the muscle, but muscles’ flexing during exercise can contract implant into unnatural appearance.

Are there any complications?

In general, breast augmentation is considered as one of the safest procedures in cosmetic surgery. Rare complications include blood collection or bleeding into the area, infections and silicone implant displacement. A second operation to correct these complications might be necessary.
The most feared complication is the capsular contraction, (reaction of the body against the implant, developing a fibrous tissue around the silicone). It can cause pain and deform the breast and occurs in 5-10% of all breast plastic surgeries. A second operation to change the implants and correct these complications might be necessary as well.

When you choose your plastic surgeon, make sure that he will follow you not for few days but for several years after the surgery, either in Cyprus or abroad. Thus, he will be able to correct and treat the complications.

When do I need to change the silicone implants?

New breast implants do have the possibility of lasting a lifetime. They need to be changed only if you have problems with them. However due to aging, pregnancies and breast feeding, the breast tissue will lose its elasticity and sag, while the implant remains at the original location. That is why a second operation might be necessary in order to elevate the breast after several years. In general, we can say that the longer a woman has breast implants, the more likely she will need an additional surgery.

How much it will cost?
Total cost includes hospital fees, doctor fees and implant costs. The price can range between 3700-4000 euro.

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