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Breast Augmentation procedure

First clinical examination:
During the first examination, Dr. Georgiou will explain to you the whole procedure of the breast augmentation (boob job), the technique he is using and the complications that can occur. The plastic surgeon will make the appropriate measurements of the chest and breasts, and he will recommend you the appropriate implant size for your case. Pictures will be taken and this will help you get a better view of the areas that can be treated and the results you may expect. You will be able to try different implant sizes to get an idea of the final breast size.

After studying the pictures and measurements, you will have a second meeting with Dr. Georgiou. This is done in order to answer further questions and together you will choose the final implant size for the breast enlargement.
Note that if you have exaggerated expectations about the silicon size the plastic surgeon may refuse to perform the surgery. Dr. Georgiou is always aiming to achieve a natural long lasting result.
Day of surgery:

The morning of surgery you will have to be at the hospital at the specified time. You will be asked not to eat for at least eight hours before surgery and not to drink water for at least four hours. The breast surgery takes about 60 -90 minutes and it is performed in general anesthesia (you will be sleeping during the whole procedure). Once your procedure is completed, a special bra will be placed (you will be asked to bring it with you) and you will be transferred back to your room. 

Postoperative pain is treated very effectively with combinations of painkillers and you should not be worried. Postoperative nausea and vomiting can occur, but they can be treated with the use of appropriate medications. You can usually leave the hospital after 6 hours, but there is also a possibility to stay overnight.

The recovery:

The first few days after breast enlargement, there will be some pain and discomfort, but this can be controlled with painkillers. Initially the breasts will be swollen and they are expected to lose 20-30% of the total volume in the next few weeks. You will be able to take a bath on the following day but you will have to wear the special bra continuously for about a month. You will have to limit excessive movements for a few weeks but you can drive in 7-10 days. Note that recovery takes longer when the implant is inserted under the muscle. Your plastic surgeon will examine you regularly, to ensure a smooth recovery. 

The final result should be expected in six to twelve months.

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