Mesotherapy of the face is a technique in which various substances are injected from the plastic surgeon into or under the skin. The injections are multiple and the treatment may involve small or large areas. The solutions used by the plastic surgeon usually include multivitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid.

The local skin injury causing an hyperemia, in conjunction with the solutions injected, stimulates the fibroblasts and accelerate the production of elastin and collagen fibers. Additionally the use of hyaluronic  acid, which has the ability to absorb water, rehydrates the skin. The result is an improvement in the skin texture, which becomes smoother, brighter and more elastic. Small wrinkles are filled up and so they can disappear.

The process of mesotherapy starts with the application of an anesthetic cream on the face. The pain during the injections is minimal, as the needles used are extremely thin. There is very little downtime and rarely side effects. The first results can be seen after few days. It is recommended to do at least two to three treatments to maximize the face rejuvenation. But even with one treatment some improvement of the skin texture can be achieved.

Dr Ioannis Georgiou
Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, 
Limassol - Nicosia Cyrpus
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